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NaFFAA Seeks to Foster Engagement and Leadership During Recent CLF 23 Forum

The Civic Leadership Forum (CLF) 23, hosted by the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), recently convened a vibrant gathering of minds committed to fostering community engagement and leadership among Filipino Americans. The event saw a significant participation from the Arizona Filipino community, reflecting a shared aspiration for a more inclusive representation.

NaFFAA Delegation, AZ Chapter (Left to Right): Marie Villareal, Natividad DeFrances, Charmel Dela Cruz (President), Julie Duatin, and Jennifer Lewis (Public Relations)

The forum’s agenda was rich with discussions led by seasoned keynote speakers and panelists, shedding light on the importance of civic engagement and the role of the Filipino American community in shaping a more inclusive society. One of the keynote addresses emphasized, “The essence of civic leadership lies in the collective power of diverse voices coming together.” This sentiment resonated deeply with the attendees, especially the delegates from Arizona who are keen on carrying these insights back to their community.

A notable presence at the event was Francis Ho, the executive producer of the upcoming film ‘1521’, and a member of NaFFAA. His heartfelt appreciation for the support from the Arizona Filipino community towards his film was a testament to the collaborative spirit that the forum aimed to nurture.

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The event also served as a platform for dialogues on various topics pertinent to the Filipino American community. One panelist emphasized, “Engagement is the first step towards creating a ripple of change, not just within our community but in the larger societal tapestry.” The discussions underscored the importance of active participation in civic dialogues and the potential it holds in driving positive change.

According to the Arizona delegates, the forum was more than just a gathering; it was an opportunity to forge connections, gain new insights, and be part of a larger narrative that seeks to empower the Filipino American community.

The organizers of CLF 23 highlighted the significance of collective endeavors and the shared pursuit of common goals. They believe that the attendees are returning to their communities with more than just memories of a fruitful gathering, but with a rekindled sense of purpose and a resolve to contribute positively. The organizers are hopefully the ripple effect of the discussions from CLF 23 will motivate many more individuals to step forward and be active participants in fostering the change they envision for their communities.

NaFFAA, the organization behind CLF 23, has been at the forefront of promoting civic leadership and community engagement among Filipino Americans, driven by its core pillars of Leadership Development, National Advocacy, Civic Engagement, and Advancing Filipino Culture. These pillars echo through the initiatives and forums facilitated by NaFFAA, creating a favorable environment for dialogue and collaborative action. For those interested in learning more about NaFFAA and its initiatives, visit NaFFAA’s website.

Jennifer Del Mar Lewis

Jennifer is an experienced business development consultant with a focus on small businesses, marketing, and promotional products. She holds notable standing within the Filipino community having actively led and contributed to a range of community endeavors and disaster relief initiatives in past years. Jennifer has previously served as Chair of the Council of Filipino Organizations of Arizona (CFOAZ) and presently fulfills the role of Public Relations for the same organization. She is also a Co-founder and current President of the Filipino American Marriage Group of Arizona (FAMAZ). In addition to these key roles, Jennifer plays an influential part in the Filipino American community, holding positions such as Public Relations for the Arizona Chapter of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), and being a member of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC). She also serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for the Filipino American Business Chamber of Commerce of Arizona (FABCCA) and is Secretary of the Phoenix One World Global Artists Lions Club (POWGALC).