We Serve the Filipino Community in Arizona

Founded in 2008, Chikka Magazine highlights various aspects of Filipino culture and life in Arizona. Topics covered include family, fashion, and special events that target the local Filipino population.

One of our primary goals is to showcase the people and events that contribute to the unique character of the Filipino community. As an Arizona business magazine, Chikka also places a strong emphasis on outreach to Filipino organizations, health professionals, and businesses in the western United States and also abroad in the Philippines. As such, we are able to deliver a unique blend of news and information that is particularly relevant to Filipinos in Arizona.

What is the Meaning of Chikka?

Chikka [English definition] is defined as a form of interaction that is often referred to as chit-chat or small talk. This colloquial term is a commonly used word in the Philippines and in America. These discussions typically involve a wide variety of topics, so “chikka” is a very fitting description for this community publication. Read More

Chikka is an Arizona Asian Community Resource

In the Valley, things tend to be spread out and not necessarily on a particular side of town. For example, there are several Filipino restaurants in Arizona along with various Asian grocery stores in the Phoenix area. Also since there is an ever-increasing pool of health professionals with ties to the Philippines present in the Valley finding a Filipino doctor who speaks Tagalog is not very difficult, but the location of these practices varies. Bottom line, this type of information can sometimes be difficult to find for Filipinos new to Phoenix, immigrants arriving from outside the country, and even for families who are long-time residents.

Accordingly, Chikka Magazine seeks to fulfill this ongoing need by providing open access to our Arizona Asian Business Directory. As both a Filipino Directory and Asian Directory, it provides targeted information in a convenient central location while also serving as comprehensive resource for the broader Arizona Asian community.