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Through Pageantry and Proprietorship, Miss Nevada Cirimille Paglinawan Exemplifies FilAm Culture and Pride

In Las Vegas, Miss Nevada Regency International 2023, Cirimille Paglinawan, alongside her parents Mila & Sonny Paglinawan, runs a family business that reflects their rich Filipino heritage. Their venture, CMC Boutique, in combination with Cirimille’s involvement in pageantry, serves as avenues through which she proudly shares her cultural roots.

Cirimille’s journey in pageantry not only showcases her personal talents but also provides a platform to highlight her cultural background. The title of Miss Nevada isn’t just a personal accolade, but an opportunity for her to represent her community and share the richness of Filipino traditions with a broader audience.

Transitioning from the spotlight of pageantry to the family business, the narrative of the Paglinawan family’s entrepreneurship unfolds. Originally a furniture store, their business pivoted to a cultural boutique selling traditional Filipino attire after the economic downturn in 2008. Now, CMC Boutique stands as a vibrant cultural link between the Philippines and America, by providing access to Filipino fashions and accessories.

But Cirimille’s involvement doesn’t end with business and pageantry. She’s also active in a number of community-based initiatives, like NaFFAA’s (CLF) 23 forum, that promotes Filipino-American engagement. Additionally, she’s planning an upcoming fashion show to showcase traditional attire, inviting people of different generations to come together and appreciate the cultural display. Visit Vegas Fab for additional informaton.

Her story exemplifies a practical and impactful approach to celebrating and promoting cultural heritage through distinct yet intertwined channels. It’s a blend of cultural celebration seen through the lens of pageantry and a family-run business, fostering community engagement and a deeper connection to one’s roots.

Visit CMC Boutique (Barong Tagalog & Filipiniana Wear) in Las Vegas or check out their online collection to see a comprehensive range of Filipino cultural offerings. Support their upcoming fashion show by attending in person or watching it online to see traditional Filipino attire on display.

Store Information
Address: 1401 N. Decatur Blvd, Suite 31 Las Vegas, NV 89108
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11 am to 8 pm
Phone: 702.768.7995 (10 am PST to 10 pm PST)
Social: Instagram/CMCBoutique |

For those interested in more on Filipino American community engagement, NaFFAA’s (CLF) 23 forum serves as rich source of information and resources. Learn more here.

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