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On Stage: Kata & Mike – A Mesmerizing and Truly Unforgettable Musical Performance

A historic night unfolded at the Arizona Broadway Theater on July 14th, 2023, as “Kata & Mike” took center stage, marking a monumental first for the venue with Filipino artists headlining this groundbreaking event. The dynamic duo, Kata, the chanteuse, and Mike, the classically trained pianist, deftly crafted a musical journey that transcended genres. Their undeniable chemistry held the audience captivated, seamlessly transitioning from soul-stirring ballads to high-energy anthems. The emotive “Matud Nila,” a culturally resonant tune, added an extra layer of depth to their performance, painting a vivid tapestry of musical flavors that showcased their remarkable dynamic range.

Photos Courtesy of Ihman Esturco Photography

Following the performance, social media buzzed with excitement, capturing the emotional impact of the night. Attendees were moved, and the performance garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from the audience.

Kata & Mike Performing “Matud Nila”

Beyond the music, the concert was a tribute to the unifying power of music and art, supporting the Phoenix One World Global Artists Lions Club (POWGALC) in their noble endeavors. The club, with its mission to empower talented artists and promote art, found itself at the intersection of musical brilliance and philanthropy.

The event left an indelible mark, celebrating the unity found within artistic communities. The lasting memory of this performance stands as a living testament to this shared spirit, seamlessly blending entertainment and purpose into a harmonious tapestry that has resonated long after the final note. Kata & Mike expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the dedicated individuals who contributed to the event’s success, from the visionary production team to the skillful hands of the hair & makeup artists to the creative flair of the designer behind Kata’s stunning attire, and the expertly captured visual memories cemented forever in the form of vivid photography. On behalf of One Umbrella Productions, LLC, Kata remarked “…each and every one of you has played an indispensable role in the resounding success of this event.”  In appreciation, the following individuals received post event acknowledgement: Jovie Calma (Emcee), Natividad Cura DeFrances (Wardrobe/Dress Design), Ihman Esturco (Stage Director/Photographer), Jennifer Lewis (Event Director/Talent Manager), Michael Lewis (Technical Director/Video Editor), Michael Lopez (Musical Director), Alvin Moyer (Hair & Make-up), and Sylvia Panganiban (Writer/Narrator)

“Supported by such incredible contributions, we felt truly empowered on stage,” said the duo before exiting. The success of this event has affirmed the unifying power of music, showcasing how it can seamlessly weave entertainment with purpose. When the night concluded, the anticipation for the next chapter in Kata & Mike’s journey, alongside POWGALC’s continued mission to enrich lives through art, echoed through the air. The magic of that night is a timeless reminder that when art and unity intertwine, brilliance takes center stage.

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Jennifer is an experienced business development consultant with a focus on small businesses, marketing, and promotional products. She holds notable standing within the Filipino community having actively led and contributed to a range of community endeavors and disaster relief initiatives in past years. Jennifer has previously served as Chair of the Council of Filipino Organizations of Arizona (CFOAZ) and presently fulfills the role of Public Relations for the same organization. She is also a Co-founder and current President of the Filipino American Marriage Group of Arizona (FAMAZ).

In addition to these key roles, Jennifer plays an influential part in the Filipino American community, holding positions such as Public Relations for the Arizona Chapter of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), and being a member of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC). She also serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for the Filipino American Business Chamber of Commerce of Arizona (FABCCA) and is Secretary of the Phoenix One World Global Artists Lions Club (POWGALC).