Wrestling Classes for Teens and Adults

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TNT Training Center | Phoenix, ArizonaJimmy House is teaching wrestling for teens and adults. ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL and SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP RATES - CALL NOW! 623-693-3947

Class are located at the TNT Training Center in Phoenix, Arizona at 1515 W. DEER VALLEY RD, SUITE B-105, PHOENIX, AZ 85027.


 About Jimmy House

Jimmy House | Filipino-American Athlete & CoachJimmy House was introduced to martial arts at a young age of just 3 years old being involved in disciplines such as Okinawa Te Karate, Aikido, Judo and Kung Fu. As he got older he started to put more focus into team sports such as baseball, basketball and football up until a couple bad football experiences motivated him to try out wrestling at his high school where he fell in love with it. After a successful freshman season on varsity and a entire season being injured as a sophomore he bounced back to achieve a combined win-loss record of 101-14 with only three of those losses coming from his senior year. In just three years of wrestling he was awarded ALL-STATE honors and was considered as one of the top Pound for Pound wrestlers in Arizona and a projected state finalist before a serious concussion sent him straight to the emergency room only 6 days before the state championships.

Passing up the opportunity to wrestle at the collegiate level to focus on his education, Jimmy has also developed an established resume in the fitness world becoming an Arizona State Bodybuilding champion at the age of 17 and turning professional in the sport of powerlifting at the age of 19. In powerlifting he has accumulated 1 world championship, 5 National Championships, 6 World Records, 10 National Records and 20 AZ State Records in just 2 years putting him ranked as the 3rd best lifter in the United States for all adults in 2016 and 36th best ALL-TIME for his respected weight class.

Jimmy caps off his credentials with his experience and knowledge when it comes to coaching and helping others. He has helped multiple clients drop excess weight and get in shape including one of his friends who started as a 16 year old, 245lbs Pre-Diabetic who dropped 90lbs with Jimmy's help and eventually tested his new physique in his first Bodybuilding show three years later. He also specializes in strength training as Jimmy has founded his own powerlifting team/brand called "House Strong" where he has helped his athletes win and break several national and state powerlifting championships and records. Even in the sport of wrestling Jimmy has traveled across the state demonstrating technique at several different schools and has even coached at the Freak Show National Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Looking for a new challenge in life Jimmy found himself starting Jiu-Jitsu at TNT back in February of 2017. Since then he has fell in love with the sport and the gym. In his first 3 months he competed at the NABJJF Grand Canyon Open where he won the NoGi Open as well as his weight class for both Gi and NoGi in the white belt division.


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