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Love always finds its way back.

Josephine Garcia and Jonar Orillosa

We first met in high school in Fairview where we both lived. We met up again after 45 years thru FB. The Lord reminded me of his name. I looked him up on FB. I found his name but didn’t realize it was his brother. Apparently there are four boys in the family and all were named Jonar. He was Jonar 1. He didn’t have any interest in social media but when his brother mentioned my name, he immediately got excited and he later set up an FB account and this started our ‘catching up’ time which later developed into love.

God has been so good to me! Losing someone I loved for 40 years was not an easy journey. Jessie and our memories together will always be in my heart.

In the past year, the LORD gave me an opportunity for another true love with someone who would love me with the same intensity and I, with him.

To my dear family and loving friends, kindly warmly welcome the love of my life, a gift from my Abba Father, my husband, Jonar Orillosa. He was my ‘puppy love’ back when I was 13 years of age and he was 16. We were reunited after 45 years, by the grace and love of the LORD for both of us.

I am thankful to my children, family, and friends who are happy and rejoicing with us!

Pray for and with us as we celebrate the greatness of the LORD. To God be all the glory and honor!!!!

Michael Lewis

Michael is joined at the hip with the Filipino American community through family, friends, and his love for the food. Over the past 15 years+, he has been an active "behind the scenes" contributor to a variety of Filipino community groups, events, and activities. Michael is also ringleader of the FilAm FamBam crew and in his free time enjoys RV'ing and anything tech.

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