Chikka | A Filipino-Asian American Magazine

This unique periodical is published monthly and caters to local Filipinos and Asian communities across the United States and abroad.

For this reason, Chikka is often referred to as the "The Local Community Magazine with National Reach". This publication highlights asian community news and events. Its also serves as a resource of information to the Filipino community on how to's, health, fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and more.

About the Digital Edition

The Digital Edition is our most popular format. It is delivered in an electronic format identically to our print version. Also known as our "Online Edition", the digital option most closely approximates the reading experience associated with our paper edition. The Universal Edition is a digital-friendly format of Chikka Magazine that delivers a superior reading experience by adapting to the screen size and orientation of your device. The Universal Edition is compatible with all Apple, Google and Amazon mobile devices. The iPad Edition is optimized specifically for this common Apple device.

In addition to the web apps mentioned above, native mobile apps for Apple and Android will be launched soon. Native apps for smartphones and tablets will contain content and features currently unavailable on other platforms. In comparison, the native will be more feature rich and interactive.

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