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Anniversary Ideas

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A wedding anniversary is a very special time during which couples celebrate their love for one another and honor years of togetherness. There are many different traditions and common ways to celebrate anniversaries.

Most importantly, anniversaries don’t have to be fancy, immaculately-planned occasions. Putting too much emphasis on making the day “perfect” can take away from simply enjoying being in one another’s company. Find activities that you both like to do that let you be together without interruption or distraction.

  • Relive your first date.
  • Celebrate ‘honeymoon’ style and splash out in
    a hotel for the night.
  • Hire a luxury car for the day.
  • Take a second honeymoon. Go on a weekend
    away or day trip to your favorite spot.
  • Recreate your wedding night menu.
  • Take a scenic train trip.
  • Spend the day at an amusement park together.
  • Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  • Renew your vows.
  • Plan a picnic under the stars.
  • Go on a dinner cruise.
  • Take dream vacation.
  • Make dinner at home.
  • Curl up and watch a movie.
  • Have a game night together.
  • Give each other a “spa day.”
  • Give a meaningful gift.
  • Write a letter or poem.
  • Create a handmade gift.
  • Make a mix tape.
  • Record a video message.
  • Dance the night away.
  • Say “I love you” and mean it.
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