Asian Business Directory (General Guidelines)

Find Arizona local businesses catering to the Arizona Asian community. The goal of this online directory is to serve as an accurate high-quality community resource.  In an effort to prevent auto-submissions and SPAM, all local business listings are human-edited and reviewed prior to publication. If you would like to make a suggestion or have your business included, please contact us at 

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General Submission Guidelines

  • Please provide a clear and brief summary of services and/or description of your business. This information should be objective, not promotional. Upon review, our editorial team may modify this description to meet quality standards.
  • Submissions must include a contact name, business name, physical business address, business hours, phone number, and email to be considered for publication. Optional: website, social media accounts (e.g. Facebook, Instagram), menus, coupons, etc.
  • Listings may also include up to 6 showcase images (including logo), photo gallery (up to 15 images), one video link (YouTube or Vimeo), and one PDF attachment (e.g. restaurant menu, brochure, etc.).

    We are very serious about maintaining a SPAM-free index of useful, unique listings that are appropriate and relevant to our specific audience. Therefore, we cannot always accept every submission.

    Sample Listings

    View Live Listing – AZ Discount Flooring

    Arizona Discount Flooring

    View Live Listing – Manila Sunrise

    Manila Sunrise - Asian Business Directory Listing

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