Chikka – English Definition | Chika

The term Chikka, English definition, is defined as a form of interaction that is most often referred to as chit-chat or small talk. This colloquial term began as a commonly used word in the Philippines and also in India. However, due to its popularity, Chikka has become the word of choice to describe communication of this nature in Asian communities all over the world. In the Filipino community, Chikka, also spelled Chika, is characterized by a pattern of discussion that involves a variety of topics.

Chikka Magazine represents the next step in the evolution of the traditional Filipino newspaper while also reflecting the nature of these light-hearted casual interactions. As a special interest lifestyle magazine, it covers wide-ranging topics of interest to both the Filipino community and Asian/Pacific Islander community as a whole.  Topics covered in this Filipino Magazine include the following: Food and Entertainment, Family, Health and Wellness, Personal Finance, Technology, Automotive, Real Estate, and International.