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Claire Maglalang – Hard Work & Resilience

Hi, I’m Claire Maglalang. I am a graduating senior from Ironwood High School in Glendale, Arizona. Amidst all the trials that we are all facing right now because of the Corona Virus, (never did I thought that my senior year will end this way), still I cannot help but feel blessed for the beautiful memories that I have made over my four years stay as an Eagle. Our school’s motto is IJBH, It’s just better here! Teachers and school staff always encouraged me to stay involved.

Happy that as I leave Ironwood, I become more focused on my goals and a much-determined person because of the so many clubs that I have been part with, just like tennis, marching band, MET, and the rigorous IB program. All the hard work I have put in is paying off with the smiles of my parents as I graduated with High Honors and received my awards and scholarships. So excited to be part of Arizona State University and blessed of being awarded the ASU New American University – Provost’s Award and Sun Devil State Award. I will major in Nursing next school year. Special thank you to all my mentors, family members, friends and Chikka Magazine for their love and support. Most importantly, I want to thank God for always being my guide. The Class of 2020 will always be one for the books! We will stay resilient because we believe that brighter things are in store for us. Cheers to all the graduating students of 2020!

Michael Lewis

Michael is joined at the hip with the Filipino American community through family, friends, and his love for the food. Over the past 15 years+, he has been an active "behind the scenes" contributor to a variety of Filipino community groups, events, and activities. Michael is also ringleader of the FilAm FamBam crew and in his free time enjoys RV'ing and anything tech.

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