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From Young Talent to Rising Star: Frankie McNellis Charts a Path to Success

In September 2016, Chikka Magazine was delighted to feature Frankie McNellis, a young talent on the verge of blossoming. As we enter December 2023, we’ve reconnected with Frankie to bring you the latest on her journey.

Reflecting on Frankie’s Path

We recently caught up with Frankie, who was eager to share the latest developments in her career, detailing the growth and new experiences she’s embraced since moving to Los Angeles.

A Steady Climb in the Arts

Frankie’s move to Los Angeles has been pivotal, leading to roles in “Honey Girls” and Netflix’s “13: The Musical.” These projects have widened her artistic exposure and allowed her to connect with a global audience through her music and acting.

Fun Fact: An Early Fil-Am Community Milestone Achievement

Frankie McNellis displayed her early musical talent in 2015 by winning the Aegis Sing Alike ontest. This victory marked a notable moment in her developing career, highlighting her vocals and ability to resonate with an audience.

The contest was held as part of “Musikahan Sa Phoenix”, the first Fil-Am Music Festival in Arizona featuring the Aegis Band, a well-known band from the Philippines recognized for their engaging rock and pop music.

Holiday Melodies

This holiday season is made more special with Frankie’s new single from the animated movie “Glisten and the Merry Mission,” which captures the festive spirit and the warmth of family traditions.

More About Frankie

In addition to her notable film roles, Frankie has been active in voice acting, contributing to several animated series that have showcased her diverse talents. Her vocal skills shine in her Christmas song “Glisten and the Merry Mission.” Her portrayal of ‘Lucy’ in the Netflix adaptation of “13: The Musical” and her leading role in “Honey Girls” demonstrates her versatility. Frankie’s life in Los Angeles, filled with family, creativity, and beach outings with friends, keeps her connected to her roots while she navigates the excitement of her career.

Frankie McNellis alongside Jason Robert Brown during the production of ’13: The Musical

Frankie Discusses Her Recent Work and What’s Next in an Exclusive Follow-Up to Her Original Community Spotlight Interview with Chikka Magazine

Frankie shared some thoughts with us about her recent projects and what she looks forward to in the future:

Frankie: “My life has changed pretty drastically since my last feature. I moved to Los Angeles in 2017 from Arizona. In 2021, I worked on my first major motion picture, Build-A-Bear’s ‘Honey Girls,’ starring alongside Ashanti and Tessa Brooks. We filmed for three months in Vancouver. Immediately after wrapping up that project, I flew to Toronto to work on Netflix’s ’13: The Musical’ for five months. These experiences have helped me grow a following on TikTok for my singing videos and allowed me to start sharing my original music, like my newest single, ‘Merry Merry Christmas,’ now available on all streaming platforms.”

Q2: As the holidays approach, can you tell us about your single in the ‘Glisten and the Merry Mission’ and what inspired you to be a part of it?

Frankie: “I’ve always loved Christmas because it’s a time when my family comes together to share great food and celebrate. So, when I was asked to sing ‘Merry Merry Christmas’ for ‘Glisten and The Merry Mission,’ it felt right. It’s a continuation of my collaboration with Build-A-Bear, and I’m excited to be part of the cast. The song is special to me because it reflects the joy and togetherness of the season.”

Q3: What have been some standout moments for you personally and professionally in the past few years?

Frankie: “Being invited to sing at the New York Stock Exchange 100th Annual Tree Lighting was incredible. It was my first time performing live on television with dancers, and the energy of the crowd was unforgettable.”

Q4: What are you currently working on, and can you share any updates on your upcoming projects?

Frankie: “I’m currently involved in a few animation projects and I’m in the studio recording new music. I’m really excited about these projects and can’t wait to share them with everyone.”

Q5: Looking forward, what do you hope to achieve or explore in your music and acting career?

Frankie: “I’m looking forward to continuing my work in music and on screen. My focus is on creating and sharing content that people enjoy, and I hope to connect with my audience through these new ventures.”

As Frankie McNellis’s story continues to unfold, Chikka Magazine remains enthusiastic about following and sharing her achievements. The Filipino American community, proud of its heritage of supporting emerging talents, watches Frankie’s career with collective pride. Her artistic work, reflecting the rich tapestry of her cultural background, continues to inspire.

To get the latest updates directly from Frankie and to see behind-the-scenes glimpses of her journey, connect with her on social media:

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