Quarantine/COVID-19 Testing for Passengers Arriving in the Philippines

Effective immediately, under a new directive from the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19, all passengers arriving in the Philippines are subject to the following quarantine and testing procedures:

  1. Upon arrival at the port of entry, all passengers will receive an orientation from the Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ).
  2. Passengers will be directed to go to a “one-stop shop” to fill out pertinent documents.
  3. Swabs for reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) COVID-19 tests will be taken.
  4. Passengers will be brought to a facility for quarantine for about two to five days, where they will be monitored while waiting for text results.
  5. Individuals who tested positive will be referred to hospitals for treatment. Individuals who tested negative will be issued a BOQ Certificate stating that they tested negative and issued a certificate will be allowed to leave the quarantine facility and proceed to their places of residence, where they can complete their 14-day quarantine.

Funding Quarantine Accommodations:

The cost of quarantine accommodations shall be shouldered by the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) for land-based OFWs, and by the local manning agency and/or Maritime Industry Authority for sea-based OFWs.

Non-OFWs who are returning to the Philippines will undergo quarantine in a government-approved facility of their choice and at their own expense.

Please be guided accordingly.

Source: Public Advisory Quarantine and COVID-19 Testing Procedures (Philippines)

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