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Ariel Rivera and Fellow Artists Light Up Phoenix with Melody, Humor and Nostalgia

On October 7, 2023, Ariel Rivera, Ruffa Mae Quinto, and Mark Mabasa brought a night of music and reminiscence to Phoenix, Arizona, in a concert aptly titled “A Smile in Your Heart”, presented by Baysan Productions. For Rivera, this was a heartfelt return, having previously performed in Phoenix in 2018.

Rivera, with his soothing voice, led the audience down memory lane with a medley of his hit songs from the ’90s. He shared personal stories, expressing his heartfelt connection to Phoenix and the warm reception always extended by the Arizona Filipino community. The intimacy of his narrative, intertwined with his melodious tunes, resonated deeply with the attendees, adding a layer of sincerity and warmth to the night.

Mark Mabasa, recognized for his journey in X-Factor Philippines, made a memorable connection with the Phoenix crowd. His performance was lively and interactive, sprinkled with a flirtatious charm that was playful and endearing. For many, it was a delightful first introduction to Mabasa’s charismatic stage presence and vocal prowess, which added a playful dynamic to the evening’s musical tapestry.

Ruffa Mae Quinto, a well-known comedic and acting talent from the Philippines, brought a wave of laughter and a unique stage presence to the event. Her ability to blend humor with musical performance added a light-hearted and enjoyable dimension to the concert, complementing the other artists like Vanessa Jacjac Alba, Ryan Arguillo, and Mabing Chavez, each of whom brought their own style and energy to the stage.

Baysan Productions, the organization behind the event, has a history of presenting successful events in the area, and this concert added another feather to their cap. Through their efforts, the Filipino community in Arizona continues to have opportunities to enjoy live performances from artists that resonate with their cultural roots.

Ariel’s nostalgic ride through his ’90s hit songs, coupled with personal anecdotes, made the concert an intimate affair. Each song carried a story, a memory, creating an electric yet intimate atmosphere. The event wrapped up leaving a lasting impression on the audience, marking an enjoyable night to remember filled with melody, humor and nostalgia.

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