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Filipino American Community in Arizona Comes Together to Support World Hip Hop Dance Championship Delegates

Once again, the Filipino American community in Arizona has demonstrated its strong bonds and support. This time with an overwhelming show of support for the Filipino hip hop dancers taking part in this annual competition. Through sponsors and donations, they’ve made Arizona a home away from home for the talented teams.

Bayanihan Spirit Nourishes and Comforts

Coordinated by CFO-AZ leaders Jhen Facto Aquino, Minnie Palis, Beverly De Leon, Ethel Luzario, Ihman Esturco, Charmel Dela Cruz, Fleur Magbanua, and Jennifer Lewis, the community provided nourishment and comfort in the form of authentic Filipino food and healthy options generously donated to the competing teams. As effort that has taken place year after year, it has become a tradition that places the true essence of unity within Arizona’s Filipino American community on full display. Their dedication and enthusiasm reflect a profound commitment to the cause, underscored by the joyous impact it brings to both the community and those who have travelled here from abroad to compete for the gold.

Minnie Palis of Care Partners Health Services, sponsor & community outreach coordinator, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors, stating, “Thank you all for the support you have given our delegates…they are so grateful.” When asked about the driving force behind their extensive endeavors, Palis responded, “It’s fulfilling. Seeing them happy, smiling, it’s just wonderful and a great feeling. It’s great to see the whole community come together.”

In a brief interview just ahead the 2023 World Hip Hop Dance Championship finals, Coach Tank Bautista of the Legit Status MegaCrew also took a few moments to share his appreciation and thoughts on the enormous generosity of the AZ Filipino community.

Celebrating Connection and Cultural Pride

This act of togetherness is a reminder that Filipino heritage connects people regardless of location. The convergence of the 2023 World Hip Hop Championship and the “Bayanihan Spirit” celebrates this bond, fosters unity, and cultivates a sense of mutual appreciation & cultural pride. It also highlights the impact this closely-knit community has had on the positive experience these competing teams have had during their time abroad.

Hip Hop Dance – Inspiring Unity on the Global Stage

It’s worth noting that hip hop dance teams from the Philippines are world-class, with a rich tradition of competing at the highest level. Their participation elevates visibility on the global platform, not only showcasing their exceptional skills but also instilling a sense of pride and unity among Filipinos worldwide.

Filipino Hip Hop Dancers Well Represented

The Philippines definitely showed up in full force with approximately 180 total delegates in attendance. The following teams competed across four divisions in HHI’s 2023 World Hip Hop Dance Championship:

  • “Up Street Dance Crew” (MegaCrew Division)
  • “Legit Status” (MegaCrew Division)
  • “Legit Status” (JV MegaCrew Division)
  • “Class E” (JV MegaCrew Division)
  • “AKidz” (Varsity Division)
  • “HQ” (Adult Division)

Hip Hop Dance Champions

Filipino hip hop dance teams came out on top in the Megacrew and Adult Divisions with both “Legit Status” and “HQ” taking home championship gold medals. In addition, the “Up Street Dance Crew” won a bronze medal in the MegaCrew Division. What an amazing achievement!🎉🎊

Did you miss it? Watch these amazing championship performances: Stepping Up the Game: Filipino Hip Hop Dancers Take Home the Gold in 2023 HHI World Championship Finals


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Michael is joined at the hip with the Filipino American community through family, friends, and his love for the food. Over the past 15 years+, he has been an active "behind the scenes" contributor to a variety of Filipino community groups, events, and activities. Michael is also ringleader of the FilAm FamBam crew and in his free time enjoys RV'ing and anything tech.

Jennifer is an experienced business development consultant with a focus on small businesses, marketing, and promotional products. She holds notable standing within the Filipino community having actively led and contributed to a range of community endeavors and disaster relief initiatives in past years. Jennifer has previously served as Chair of the Council of Filipino Organizations of Arizona (CFOAZ) and presently fulfills the role of Public Relations for the same organization. She is also a Co-founder and current President of the Filipino American Marriage Group of Arizona (FAMAZ).

In addition to these key roles, Jennifer plays an influential part in the Filipino American community, holding positions such as Public Relations for the Arizona Chapter of the National Federation of Filipino American Associations (NaFFAA), and being a member of the Federation of Philippine American Chambers of Commerce (FPACC). She also serves as the Vice President of Public Relations for the Filipino American Business Chamber of Commerce of Arizona (FABCCA) and is Secretary of the Phoenix One World Global Artists Lions Club (POWGALC).